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Let me make a list of Joni's vocal attributes: first of all, there is her vocal sound-a lovely cello-like, middle-range, which she uses effortlessly. So smooth, so musical, and a seamless interpretation of lyrics. You'll never hear her take a breath...Joni is always dead on the note and gives each note its true value.

- Ralph Sharon, pianist/composer, arranger, conductor

With an appealing alto, rock-solid pitch and feel for rhythm, Joni Janak sang Beautiful Friendship with appropriate energy, sustaining her notes nicely.

- Zan Stewart, Los Angeles Times

Joni Janak is one of the best singers I've ever heard. There are very few singers who can interpret a melody and lyrics the way she can.

- Carl Fontana, trombonist

Joni Janak is one of the unsung heroes in jazz. She is a great singer.

- Johnny Mandel, composer/conductor

Joni's version of my song, The Wind, is the best rendition I've ever heard–and there are 32 recordings of it. Her interpretation just kills me: the way she breathes, the way she phrases, she's just absolutely fabulous. She ranks with the very best singers this world has produced. Her pitch is perfect. Her phrasing and intonation are absolutely impeccable. 

- Russ Freeman, pianist/composer

Joni's delightful vocal sound is perfect for my song. (I have a Feeling I've Been Here Before)

- Roger Kellaway, pianist/composer

There are only a few things I ask of a singer: Sing on key. Don't be overly coy, cute or decorative. Choose quality material. And don't stray too far from what the composer wrote. Joni Janak, a Denver chanteuse, fills the bill on all counts.

- George Fendel, Jazzscene of Oregon

About 4 bars into Joni Janak's vocal on The Wind my ears perked up. I love the quality of her voice and her phrasing–perfect!

- Jim WIlke, NPR Jazz after Hour

It's a pleasure to hear a singer do vibrato so expressively with no register problems and a clear focus on the lyrics.

- Jeff Bradley, The Denver Post

Here is a singer with amazing technical command of her vocal instrument, reaching for and sustaining notes with such seeming ease and composure, tucking them into the curve of the lyric with such skill that the melodic and poetic values of the songs seem to adhere to one another. 

- Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence

Joni Janak brings her lush, mellow voice into the gathering, reminding on of Eydie Gome and Carmen McRae.

- Walter "Dusty" Saunders", Rocky Mountain News

Another fine singer deserving of far more attention than has so far been extended, Joni Janak is based in Colorado where she has attracted a faithful and discerning following... have also become aware that hers is a talent of international quality. Astute phrasing and unforced swing make this a very attractive jazz album. (The Wind)

- Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal, England

Joni Janak is a world-class jazz vocalist with superb expressive abilities and an extreme upper register. The chemistry between Joni Janak and Carl Fontana radiates from each selection. The balance, clarity, and equalization of the recording are at the highest industry standards. Enough good things cannot be said about a new release from one of the jazz world's most beloved and under-recorded artists.

- Mark Dickman, International Trombone Journal